Prospects of Green entrepreneurship in rural Ghana

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This paper examined the potential for Green entrepreneurship to create jobs and sustainability in rural Ghana.

The country is noted by most international organizations, corporations , and investors to have the potential for economic growth and job creation. However, Ghana faces severe youth unemployment problem and it is estimated that about 300,000 such Ghanaians enters the labor market each year but a mere 2% find jobs with significant numbers of university graduates going to the informal sector and private sector. Green entrepreneurship therefore can be a powerful tool for tackling unemployment and capitalizing on positive economic trends in Ghana. This paper through document content analysis methodology carefully analyzes the characteristics of green entrepreneurship that distinguishes it from regular entrepreneurship and factors that might hinder or stimulate green entrepreneurship in a transition economy like Ghana. This study was undertaken to better understand how to promote green entrepreneurship in Ghana, where there is limited policy and institutional support. The paper proposes a relationship model between green entrepreneurial characteristics, institutional environment and entrepreneurial innovativeness.


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