We are currently updating the game to add new units.

Please try the trial version and take a closer look at the description of the game so far.

We currently have 5 levels of games made, through which the player learns the basics of “Green Entrepreneurship”. Through different levels of environmental protection and business opportunities in connection with environmental protection.

The game is created based on a quiz in different environments.


In the first stage, we get acquainted with the forms of environmental protection, energy saving and also with certain activities that can bring income and which we can perform at home. We focused on the environment around the house and partly in the house.



In the second level we learn about green entrepreneurial farming (GEF) which refers to the adoption of cleaner technologies, products and practices in the production and consuming agricultural products.



In the third part, we focus on real-life examples of good practice in the green business world. This industry is still the fastest growing at the moment. We will get to know several good business solutions that at the same time bring a good profit and the services or products are environmentally friendly.



In fourth level we focuse on sustainable transportation or “Green Transportation”. The biggest consumer of energy and fuel is the transportation. We are increasingly using more environmentally friendly modes of transport and that also brings endless business opportunities.



If we want a sustainable and economically viable future, we need to ensure our industry does not harm the environment. We call this Green Industry. In last level trough the quizz game we present the player importance of creating new jobs while protecting the environment.