Green entrepreneurship as an opportunity for youth

Green Entrepreneurship as an Opportunity for Youth is 21 months project with Slovenia, Indonesia, Portugal, Ghana, Argentina and Nepal. It will take place from 1st of September 2016 until 1st of June 2018.

The project deals with two problems, which we want to combine and solve it simultaneously. First problem is about unemployment. This problem is even more alarming within young population and is present almost all around the world. We are solving it with promotion of entrepreneurship among youth.

Second problem deals with environment issues. The Earth is getting more and more polluted and is never to much of effort to protect our environment to have opportunities to grow and raise our families in healthy environment. This problem we are solving with applying green technologies and environmental friendly business ideas and social responsibility.

If we combine both problems together we get “green jobs”. We are going to implement series of activities, where we will train young people how to be creative, especially in very fast growing economic field, GREEN ENTREPRISES, which uses environmental friendly techniques for successful business.