Slovenia joins initiative for greening the economy after the pandemic

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The number of EU Member States who believe that the economic recovery should be based on green technologies and sustainability has risen to 17.

The initiative was launched on 9 April by ten Member States, who wrote a letter to the European Commission saying that the measures to help the economy after the pandemic could be based on the European Green Deal, introduced in December of last year. The deal foresees, among other things, that by 2050, Europe will become the first climate neutral continent.

As initially highlighted by Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain in Sweden, the challenge posed by climate change should also be addressed in the long-term recovery strategies after the pandemic.

France, Germany and Greece joined the initiative soon after and, as of Monday, the number of signatories had risen to 17. In addition to Slovenia, the initiative was signed by Ireland, Slovakia and Malta.

According to the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, following the onset of the pandemic and in awareness of the need to address its consequences in restoring the European economy, the Green Deal must play an important role in planning the recovery of the European economy and in the Recovery Plan.

Sustainable investments to kick-start the economy, the circular economy, and digitisation will play an important role in this respect. It is therefore necessary to give impetus to sustainable investments that will contribute to the competitiveness of the economy at the EU and global levels, while also reducing emissions and tackling the consequences of climate change.

The signatories believe that the EU Member States must now more than ever strive for solidarity and cooperation in finding a way out of the pandemic and ensuring the recovery of the economy, as well as in seeking synergies and bridges related to the environment, sustainable development and climate change.

They wrote, “Among other things, the goal of climate neutrality by 2050, endorsed last year by numerous heads of state and government, must remain our long-term guiding principle if we want to ensure a predictable and stable environment for planning investments and the recovery of the economy.”

Source: https://www.gov.si/en/news/2020-04-29-slovenia-joins-initiative-for-greening-the-economy-after-the-pandemic/


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