Slovenia allocates 1.5 million euros for green jobs

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Slovenia has set aside 1.5m euros in incentives for employment in green jobs. Funds distributed through a public call were provided by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning from the Climate Change Fund.

According to the announcement, employers who meet the conditions of the public call will receive a financial incentive of 340 euros per month for a period of two years (a total of 8,160 euros per employee) for employing an unemployed person in a green workplace for an indefinite period of time. Depending on the number of all employees, the employer will be able to receive from two to ten subsidies.

“Green jobs are an important aspect of sustainable development, because they can contribute to the goals of climate change, the preservation of nature and the environment and, indirectly, the activation of the unemployed. Through incentives, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning strives to contribute to the greening of the economy, strengthening efforts for more efficient use of energy and resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, “reads the statement of the Republic of Slovenia.

Employment in green jobs will increase human potential in the process of transition to a low-carbon society. Through subsidies, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning wants to strengthen human resources in the green economy, environmental and nature protection and other sustainable activities.

Source: Government of the Republic of Slovenia


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